Fenrisian Wolf


**Featured Post** (originally posted Dec 2015)

I’m never going to be Warhammer’s core audience, but there’s a lot to like about Space Wolf lore, including GINORMOUS SNOW WOLVES!

Tried some new things on this one, am very happy with how it turned out!  Dedicated to  my Beau and all the Space Wolves he is painting on our living room table.

Reference Thanks:

Blessings upon people who keep their non-video Photoshop CS2 tutorials posted!

And also to this wolfdog sanctuary for hosting an excellent breakdown on the features of true wolves vs dogs and wolfdogs.

TF2 Art: Teamwork makes the Dream Work!


(Click to embiggen.)

A birthday gift for my Beau, who mains a Heavy in TF2. As it so happens, I main a Medic, making this a perfect relationship metaphor.

I got this printed out at 16×20″ at Costco, so he has a mounted poster of it, woot!

Did I mention I hate drawing machinery? All those straight lines and perfect shapes are difficult for me. But I drew some here. That’s how you know it’s true love.

If you ever want to play with us, I’m AesAthena on Steam. Or maybe ASAthena, I don’t know! Look for the icon of Pussyfoot the Cat!