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But more importantly, I just discovered that the Richard Simmons remix of Car Wash is far, far better than it has any right to be.

That’s like… Car Wash meets Vogue, everyone!

Actually, the music production values of Richard Simmons’ workouts have always been top notch. I’d buy a CD of Party Off the Pounds’ tracks. And I wish the version of Rebel in the first Sweatin’ to the Oldies was a buyable track off Amazon, for reals.

In other workout news,  yesterday’s Tonin’ Uptown and Tonin’ Downtown was a fever-dream of a workout! You’ll just have to do it.

Danger: Artist Experimenting


Today I will attempt to create the mashup that’s been floating around in my head for ages:

Hawai’i ’78, by Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwo’ole (Just the “Reprise” version)

Somewhere, from WEST SIDE STORY (guess I’m using Barbra’s version!)

with just a pinch of MJ, for a bridge (the 1:56 section)

It works out well on the piano!  We’ll see if Audacity has the chops to do what I need… :P!  Can’t hurt to try, tho!