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My husband is responsible for at least 45% of this. I threw out the idea, and he just kept amping it up with comments like “A Bartlett pear with a rubber band around the middle” until I was screaming with laughter and had no choice but to draw it.

The tiki torch and acid green Crocs were his idea, too. I did owl-ize the torch, though.

Below are some variations I sketched before the final.

No, of course I did not draw them during church.


Why You Have To Write For You


This article’s by a game modder.
But it speaks all kinds of writing truths, man.

Greslin Mods

I’ve been doing Fallout modding since about 2010.  In my regular life, I work as a writer.  In my past lives, I worked as a coder for the telecommunications industry.  And I’ve owned cats for decades now.

The common theme to all of that is this: you never really know what the fuck is going on.  You just don’t.  You think you do.  And then the cat’s locked himself in a kitchen cabinet that shouldn’t have even REMOTELY been within his power to reach at all.  All you can do is throw your hands up and roll with it.

Living with cats just sort of puts you into the starting point of shrugging confusion. You have to work your way up from there.

Same goes in the writing world.  Fiction, nonfiction, tech writing, journalism, whatever: you never really know what the fuck is going on.  You rarely have any idea…

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Inspiration for your novel’s tagline (beyond the usual Top 10)


I’ve decided SCVK needs a zippy tagline for the front cover and an improved one for the back blurb, so I’ve gone into research mode.

It’s easy to find a list of the top ten movie taglines of all time (Pro Tip, it’s from Alien and those eight words do a lot of heavy lifting!), and of course I looked through my hubby’s movie collection, but I needed more scope.

Luckily, I stumbled upon the IMP Movie Poster Tagline Database. AND it’s searchable. Which means it’s addicting! So don’t use it to procrastinate, all you naughty writers, you! Happy hunting!


Deep Thoughts about Right Said Fred’s “I’m Too Sexy”

Music, Writing

I think Right Said Fred’s song I’m Too Sexy has always existed. I can’t imagine a time it didn’t exist; it’s always been floating around the ether.

Artists have been trying to capture it for years, but it not until the 90’s has it finally emerged in its true form. Before, inadequate musical instrumentation and techniques resulted in it manifesting in unrecognizable forms, such as “Now is the Month of Maying.”

Hit 10K on my second Armello story


Worked hard (and exclusively) on my second Armello short story last week. This helped me through a tough part of the story.

Pro Tip for myself: when you hit the Great Swampy Middle, keep going!

At the beginning of last week, I dreaded writing, because I didn’t know WHAT had to happen next. But I bribed myself, saying, “Just do a little, to prime the pump.”

Ends up I didn’t have to know what had to happen next, because the longer I sat there, the more crazy interesting things began to happen! All of the sudden the section that looked murky and intimidating turned into a FUN SURPRISE FEST and I couldn’t wait to see what would happen next.

It feels like the ending’s around the corner. But a proper title? Nowhere to be found.  :(

Right now it’s 22 pages long, (compared to Stone Seekers‘ 16 single-spaced pages) but I also have a much larger cast…After all, what’s a wolf prince without a pack?

(Oh, and according to my chart, I’ve written 41,948 new story words this year! Whoa!)