THE STONE SEEKERS – Cover Thumbnails and Final Art


Thumbnail explorations for THE STONE SEEKERS eBook cover. Got some great expressions out of that rabbit and rat! #Sargon #Amber


While trying to paint stupid rocks I got frustrated and tried a different tack:


Then I decided no, I had been on the right path the entire time and went back to the diamond composition. Glad I did! Here’s the final artwork, sans Emily New’s fabulous text:


And of course, the free short story is available right here on my site!

Trevor Smith, Book Cover Illustrator

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After a month of correspondence, I’ve decided not to use Trevor Smith as my  cover artist for SCVK.

However, he was professional and prompt about his communication, and he deserves more clients. Posted above are some of his pieces you in case you’re looking for a science fiction book cover. (The last one won him the Grand Prize in L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers and Illustrators of the Future Contest!) I just love his little pops of color!

His covers start at $600, unless you have a concept he’s really into and are willing to hand over a lot of control to him, then the price starts at $300. He understands that book covers are billboards and wants to do a good job selling your book.

I found him through the KBoards Yellow Pages forum and am glad to have another great artist to follow!

He’s also on DeviantArt. Consider commissioning him today!

Summary of Art 2016



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I did a lot of studies this year, pushed myself to do more backgrounds and storytelling. Not bad! Feel like I did more art than my files reflect, but whatyougonna do?

As proud as I am of the Penguin value study (Sept–and one of my first Krita pieces), Moxie’s 4th of July picture (July, probably my last Photoshop painting), and my Purrfect Christmas cover (Dec, even though I did it in Nov, SO NIENER), I’m also really happy with the scenery and storytelling pushes I did in August, October, and November. Whoo for progress!