Out Where the Sun Always Shines

OWtSAS-cover3WEB“Don Juan never died, did he?”
“No . . . he went to hell.”

This is a story about a spy who fell in love with a girl who didn’t love him back. Or did she?

In one final act of devotion, the spy will cross a continent, wrestle his memories, and discover the truth.

(12,199 words)

Out Where the Sun Always Shines combines my European study abroad experiences with my love of languages and a handful of my favorite video game characters to produce an unconventional rainy day romance.

I’d rate it PG for adult themes, off-screen violence and probably a mild swear or two. Check it out on Kindle and your other favorite eReaders today.

“It has the familiar feel of a noir spy genre story, which is great anyway, but with a transcendent ending that will leave you warm and glowy.”  —Emily New