SCVK is turning into a book

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This is a thing. A real thing.

Last November I thought I’d be sending off SCVK to agents for years. Then I came across Killing the Sacred Cows of Publishing and decided to go indie and go for broke.

Now, not even six months later, I’m closer than ever to making my dream come true.

Today Katie Payne just sent a finalized cover (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH IT’S AMAZING but I’mma ask for a couple tweaks! BUT IT’S STILL AMAZING AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!). And Colleen just sent over some interior files for me to choose from. You know, for, like, the printed book. Which is going to happen.

THIS IS HAPPENING. TO ME!  All I need now is more moolah. Oh and for my last Typo Patroller to finish reading so I can fix tracking errors. :D

The King of the Hill gif I need


So sad I can’t find a gif from the King of the Hill episode PEGGY’S WORLD OF BOOKS.

The one where the guy asks her for the biggest book she has, then proceeds to cut out a chunk of the middle so he can fit his gun in.

That would just be amazing for my novel. Just sayin’.


When we were done, Ternerr pulled out his screen computer, claws poised to type.
“So.  Your suggestions?”
“I…think we’re good,” I said.  “The canoes on the rooftops are a nice touch.”  The warriors could easily maneuver to safety if the water level rose too high.
“Anything else?”
“No, not really.”
His eyes narrowed like a cat’s and he looked over his glasses at me, stern as a librarian.  “You’re going to leave me to face the Warfather with that?”
I squirmed.


Novel chars.  Disruptive camouflage is harder to render than you’d think!  *camo fail*

This is an extreme example of sexual dimorphism because she’s big for a hen and they’re small for squares. 

For those of you SUPERlongtime fans, from left to right, it’s Ternerr (a personal assistant with an eidetic memory), Rodor (reluctant galactic General), and Grenera (bodyguard to the squargling president).