Just sent supernovel part 1 to print formatter

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Everything is fine. It’s not like that virtually sets the first 120 pages in stone or anything.


Yup, nothing to see here.

(Also I finished the ebook formatting for that sect. 120 pages down. That’s cool.)

Also, my print formatter is a peach, I love her, we have nothing but good times when we email.


SCVK Cover teaser and other stuff

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“Closeup of painting I’m chipping away at for the one and only Danielle!!
#digitalpainting #digitalart #artist #art #illustration #bookcover #sketch
That sound you hear is my face cracking because I’M GRINNING SO HARD


Closeup of painting I’m chipping away at for the one and only Danielle!!
#digitalpainting #digitalart #artist #art #illustration #bookcover #sketch

That sound you hear is my face cracking because I’M GRINNING SO HARD


In other news…*squints at 41 printed pages of Armello fanfic* When did this get so long?! Probably time to re-read it soon.

I wrote some today on Horror and Frenchies and suddenly my motivation’s run out. Literally nothing sounds good to do (except maybe play DROPSY, but I don’t want to continue on without my friend over so.)

Well, playing DEAD SECRET sounds good but the last time I played it it got my heart going and I’m already kinda hyped by the SCVK cover preview. X33 I don’t know if my heart could take it.


Baby Bites on SCVK


I’ve been struggling with doing some major edits to SCVK. They really need to be made, though, so yesterday, despite a low-motivation fog-brain sort of day, I managed to work over an hour on the Tough Stuff.

Today I spent almost two hours on Frankensteining pieces together, and (just as predicted), I like what I’ve stitched together much better than what I used to have. I’ve got piano in the morning, but after my lessons, I think I’ll try to finish up this section while I have the momentum.

And after that…there’s still more to be done! ALWAYS MORE. But I’ve posted some affirmations and I’m picturing this thing FINISHED–a small doorstop with a beautiful cover I can hold in my hand and flip through, something people are actually buying and READING!–and it’s helping a lot.

One of my most important affirmations is this: My dreams come from God, and God has the power to accomplish them.

So often I feel like my writing–which is SO FUN–isn’t Important or Spiritual enough. But this affirmation reminds me that it’s OK to chase my dreams because they were put in me for a reason.

It also assures me of something I told myself long ago: this is NOT my book, it’s Heavenly Father’s book. (It has to be because nobody in his right mind would make his debut novel the same length as Gone with the Wind.) So as long as I sit my butt down and do the work, He’ll make sure it turns out all right.

In the meantime, I must continue editing!

what being an editor is like we-are-done-breaking-bad editing edit.gif

What being an editor is like.

Inspiration for your novel’s tagline (beyond the usual Top 10)


I’ve decided SCVK needs a zippy tagline for the front cover and an improved one for the back blurb, so I’ve gone into research mode.

It’s easy to find a list of the top ten movie taglines of all time (Pro Tip, it’s from Alien and those eight words do a lot of heavy lifting!), and of course I looked through my hubby’s movie collection, but I needed more scope.

Luckily, I stumbled upon the IMP Movie Poster Tagline Database. AND it’s searchable. Which means it’s addicting! So don’t use it to procrastinate, all you naughty writers, you! Happy hunting!


Steel City, Veiled Kingdom cover sketch (by artist Katie Payne)

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Really excited about this! Collaborating with an author to make a book cover for her life’s work novel that she’s going to self publish. She’s got a great vision! #art #painting #drawing #sketch #illustration

Approved this SCVK book cover sketch last Thursday! So psyched, Katie’s gonna knock this outta the park! XD EEE THIS IS GONNA BE *TOTALLY* *WICKED*!!!

Your thoughts on Pricing Epic-length scifi ebooks?


Sometime soon (hopefully within this first quarter!), my epic science fantasy will be published as an e-book.

It is about as long as the LotR trilogy, but separated into 5 parts. I’m trying to decide if I should try to sell each part separately (which I NEVER wanted to do…plus I don’t want to confuse people, because I can only commission one cover!) or just sell the whole megawhompus in one go.

And then, since it’s longer, should I price it more than $5.99? Does anyone out there have any experience with this?


Trevor Smith, Book Cover Illustrator

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After a month of correspondence, I’ve decided not to use Trevor Smith as my  cover artist for SCVK.

However, he was professional and prompt about his communication, and he deserves more clients. Posted above are some of his pieces you in case you’re looking for a science fiction book cover. (The last one won him the Grand Prize in L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers and Illustrators of the Future Contest!) I just love his little pops of color!

His covers start at $600, unless you have a concept he’s really into and are willing to hand over a lot of control to him, then the price starts at $300. He understands that book covers are billboards and wants to do a good job selling your book.

I found him through the KBoards Yellow Pages forum and am glad to have another great artist to follow!

He’s also on DeviantArt. Consider commissioning him today!