Armello Novella: The Heroes of Houndsmouth, Chapter 1




Night had fallen over the kingdom of Armello.

In the great white castle in the center of the kingdom, the king was still awake, brooding and muttering. The lion had not been sleeping lately.

In rat clan’s shantytowns, couples were dressing up in their finery, hoping to sneak their way into the parties held in the mansions of the upper crust.

In the grand warren of the rabbit clan, the rabbits slept beneath their caverns of earth, stone, and gold.

In the northern mountains, wolf clan cubs pestered their packmates to spar with them on the snowy ground.

In the forests, bear clan sages slept in their caves and dugouts, trusting the Wyld to keep them safe while they dozed.

But scattered between these grand places of the kingdom are towns, villages, and hamlets, all homes for the creatures making their way through life in Armello.

In the town of Stag’s Landing, pine marten cheesesmiths had finished flipping their last cheese wheels for the night and were starting home. In the hamlet of Greenguard, the badger leatherworker and his apprentice had finished setting up their work benches for the next day’s orders.

And in the the settlement of Southbank, almost everyone had locked themselves in their homes.

20K hit on Nosferatu Novel


I’ve got more to type on it, but I don’t feel like working on it this second.

I bought another Leuchtturm Master Ruled Notebook from Amazon (233 pages). But the seller sent me a Leuchtturm SLIM, which only has 120 pages! I can write 100 page in under a month.

So I just sent them a complaint. I’ve already written in it–but I wouldn’ta bought it if I’d known it was a SLIM.

Pretty annoyed, too, paying a full-size notebook price and only getting half the pages. Grr! (Guess that’s another way they could make it up to me–send me another SLIM for free.)




Hit 10K on my second Armello story


Worked hard (and exclusively) on my second Armello short story last week. This helped me through a tough part of the story.

Pro Tip for myself: when you hit the Great Swampy Middle, keep going!

At the beginning of last week, I dreaded writing, because I didn’t know WHAT had to happen next. But I bribed myself, saying, “Just do a little, to prime the pump.”

Ends up I didn’t have to know what had to happen next, because the longer I sat there, the more crazy interesting things began to happen! All of the sudden the section that looked murky and intimidating turned into a FUN SURPRISE FEST and I couldn’t wait to see what would happen next.

It feels like the ending’s around the corner. But a proper title? Nowhere to be found.  :(

Right now it’s 22 pages long, (compared to Stone Seekers‘ 16 single-spaced pages) but I also have a much larger cast…After all, what’s a wolf prince without a pack?

(Oh, and according to my chart, I’ve written 41,948 new story words this year! Whoa!)

You win this time, willpower!


I like to put a cool giant artist-drawn Redbubble stickers on the front of my writing notebooks so I can tell them apart.

Today I deserve a cookie for using WILLPOWER and not BREAKING MY BUDGET!!!

See, I just decided NOT to buy a supersized version of this BEAUTIFULLY EXECUTED Luna Lovegood Nouveau artwork by Megan Lara. Even though I L-O-V-E LOVE it (and I’m not even a Lovegood fan!). So instead of shelling out $30 for fancy stickers, I’m only paying $10.

But the sticker’s still on my wish list. >>

PS You MUST see these adorable Wizard Lizards, drawn by Andrea Sutinen! I bought the yellow leopard gecko on the broomstick.




Behold my beautiful pie chart!  And the progress it indicates!

(I didn’t start this piechart until well into the home stretch.  
Otherwise I think I would’ve been overwhelmed with the amount of work I
had to do.  So my advice to you is don’t start a pie chart right away.)

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Yet another set of stupid Word tricks


First, if you enjoy tabs, you’ll love this free add-on that lets you have tabs in Word, Excel and PowerPoint (works up until Office 2013):

Second, if you’re like me and occasionally have multiple drafts of the same story running around, here’s an easy trick to differentiate them (in Office 2010 anyway):

On the Ribbon, hit Page Layout, then Page Color.

There!  Won’t affect your printing unless you change things around in Options.

Now you can tell at a glance which version you’re working on!  And perhaps prevent eyestrain!

Finally, Control+Click selects a whole sentence at once.

The things you learn before 8AM on a Thursday!