Warning to Print-Heavy Writers


I just blew through a brand new black inkjet cartridge in, oh, a half-an-hour, printing the pages of my novel I hadn’t yet printed out (because…er…I was out of ink).  Only 81 pages to go!

The cartridge was only $15 and printed out about 160 odd pages, so I guess it was worth it, but if I had a Delorean, I’d get up to 88 and then buy me a Brother brand laser printer.  I hear that toner lasts for many more pages than an ink cartridge does.

For novel writing, I usually only use black (for text) and red (for things I’m not sure about, or notes to myself), so I could probably make do with greyscale printing only.

So I went from being inkless (many months) to having ink (3 days) and now I’m back to being inkless!