Rearing Horse

lefthandhorseSometimes I ask my left hand to draw stuff for me.  Though clumsy, I often find it’s got all kinds of  subconscious visual knowledge stored away that my dominant hand glosses over–especially if I’ve been studying a subject a while.  I was really happy with how this freaked out horse came out.

Solving Cat Face Problems

OK, so drawing expressive cat faces is easy when you cartoon ’em up, but difficult when you’re trying to adhere to their natural anatomy–especially those mouths!

But tonight Netflix brought me some nice reference in the form of Thunder and the House of Magic.  There’s a nice hand-drawn sensibility to the cat’s body motion (when’s the last time we had a 3D animated cat?  Bolt?), but that face, that mouth!!  Cute, expressive, natural-looking!

Besides, he looks like my fiancé’s kitty, Pixel, down to the white socks!


TF2 Art: Teamwork makes the Dream Work!

(Click to embiggen.)

A birthday gift for my Beau, who mains a Heavy in TF2. As it so happens, I main a Medic, making this a perfect relationship metaphor.

I got this printed out at 16×20″ at Costco, so he has a mounted poster of it, woot!

Did I mention I hate drawing machinery? All those straight lines and perfect shapes are difficult for me. But I drew some here. That’s how you know it’s true love.

If you ever want to play with us, I’m AesAthena on Steam. Or maybe ASAthena, I don’t know! Look for the icon of Pussyfoot the Cat!

The Lost Room: Buy this miniseries NOW.

Me and my friends just finished watching a copy of The Lost Room.

Here are 10 reasons you should buy a copy right now:

1) If you ever wondered what it’d be like if David Lynch and The Twilight Zone had a baby that could be shown in public, it would be this show.
2) It’s only $8.00 on Amazon
3) It is 3 nights’ worth of solid gold TV-14 rated entertainment
4) If it were a book it’d be unputdownable.
5) Great storytelling in here, for nerds like me who love that sorta thing.
6) Low budget effects done right. Oh so right.
7) Amazing casting, including Taub from HOUSE
8) One of the Fanning girls is in it.
9) There’s a guy named “Weasel” in it.
10) The Glass Eye