10 Basic Mistakes in Digital Painting and How to Fix Them – Envato Tuts+ Design & Illustration Article

I’m adjusting to the new world of DPIs out there.


Do you want to learn digital painting? Or maybe you’ve already started to, but it turned out to be harder than you thought? I used to be a beginner too, and I remember basic mistakes I made that took me a long time to discover and solve. Read this article to get all that knowledge in a nutshell! | Tags: Digital Painting, Adobe Photoshop, Illustration

Source: 10 Basic Mistakes in Digital Painting and How to Fix Them – Envato Tuts+ Design & Illustration Article

Clio Chiang auf Instagram: „Hey guys!! My good friend Shadi* launched a kickstarter for his game Invisigun Heroes! It looks gorgeous, with the most adorable environment pixel animation I’ve ever seen! Plus your friends are invisible so it’ll be an amazeballs taunt-each other type party game. Go support!! http://kck.st/1RAplNx *Shadi is really a muppet.“

The concept looks pretty cool and the soundtrack is jammin’.  Signal boost.

Fenrisian Wolf

**Featured Post** (originally posted Dec 2015)

I’m never going to be Warhammer’s core audience, but there’s a lot to like about Space Wolf lore, including GINORMOUS SNOW WOLVES!

Tried some new things on this one, am very happy with how it turned out!  Dedicated to  my Beau and all the Space Wolves he is painting on our living room table.

Reference Thanks:

Blessings upon people who keep their non-video Photoshop CS2 tutorials posted!

And also to this wolfdog sanctuary for hosting an excellent breakdown on the features of true wolves vs dogs and wolfdogs.

Attack on Hill?

Hey guys remember when someone did that ATTACK ON HILL video, parodying the ATTACK ON TITAN anime opening?  It had no ATTACK ON TITAN images that I can remember, just the music, everything else was KotH.  If it was up on YouTube it’s gone now.  :(

Been researching ATTACK ON TITAN (*definitely* too gorey for me to ever watch, but the mystery aspect I dig, of course) and remembered ATTACK ON HILL and wanted to watch it again.


if anyone draws me anything ever

  • im going to stare at it
  • im going to grin like an idiot
  • i dont care if you think its bad or not
  • i love it
  • i love you

Let’s just get this straight.

* * *

I am eating pizza tonight.  And am resisting putting Gudrun Gut’s “Garten” on repeat for the next forty hours listening to jams and writing