Signal Boost: Love Octopus Transformation CYOA novella for Kindle

One of my bestie writer friends, Linsey Duncan has published a 99-cent choose your own adventure-style novella for Kindle.

After a violent encounter with a hated octopusperson/alien, you are now doomed to become one!  Discover 12 different endings as you decide how to cope with your betentacled fate!

I found it to be a Kafka-esque experience crafted with moody-yet-accessible prose sure to please any urban sci-fi fan.  Fellow fans of Porpentine’s work or atmospheric games like STALKER will probably enjoy it immensely!  Rated PG-13 for mild cephalopodic sensuality.

Love Octopus Transformation

Dear Brain,

Why is it that every time I want to say “Granite Flats” it comes out “Gravity Falls“?

Let’s review:

Granite Flats is a live-action show on Netflix which provides your RDA of Cold War paranoia and G-rated family drama.  Gravity Falls is an animated show with Mabel’s sweaters and Waddles the pig.  There’s no reason to confuse them.

Love, Danielle

Rearing Horse

lefthandhorseSometimes I ask my left hand to draw stuff for me.  Though clumsy, I often find it’s got all kinds of  subconscious visual knowledge stored away that my dominant hand glosses over–especially if I’ve been studying a subject a while.  I was really happy with how this freaked out horse came out.