2017 Yearly Wordcount Goal beaten! 78K words written!


This year I thought I’d start tracking my writing habits. And for the first time ever, I set myself up with an easy-peasy daily writing goal: 250 words a day.

Here’s the math: 250 words a day, six days a week, for 52 weeks comes out to 780,000 words.

Today I beat that goal writing a short horror story:



The tracker is originally from this page, with the colors modified to suit my garish tastes. I also have another hourly tracker in the same file, on a separate thingie, taken from this page.

Keep in mind that prior to this year, I just wrote whenever I felt like it and never kept track of my progress. I had no idea I could output that many words o’ fiction. (I don’t count blogposts.)

And it’s not even 6 months yet. Whoo!

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