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One of my besties just published her first full-length novel. I’m so proud!!!


About the book:

This is a story about America.

Also about Lady Fiction, a robot of GRACE and POISE who solves CRIMES. Robots do not dream of destiny, and yet she dreams. She dreams of finding American Hero, of bringing her back to save an America on the ragged edge of being eaten up by God’s own chaos.

She dreams of a series of Pintos, left wrecked, mangled, and exploded across amber waves of grain and majestic purple mountains.

She dreams of befriending serial killers and quieting ghosts, and eating trash from a thousand dumpsters to fuel her stomach furnace. She dreams of waking gods and putting others down. She dreams of facing off the Devil and forcing her to change her crooked ways.

But all dreams lie. So does Lady Fiction.

Entropy wins. All you can do is steal a few moments from it.  

I  got to read the first part of it years ago.  I’ve been thinking about it ever since. If you’re looking for a DIFFERENT yet funny yet thoughtful-deep read, you should  grab it.

To be honest, I’m hoping they’ll morph into load chili-cheese fries

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Trying out this recipe tonight, except I’m using the Ore-Ida frozen diced hash browns.  Only three ingredients! Wow!
While they cook I’ll try to color a Moxie. Poor kitten, I’m really neglecting her updates! BUT I also wrote on the GNRoAT and that’s priorities.

Out Where the Sun Always Shines

OWtSAS-cover3WEB“Don Juan never died, did he?”
“No . . . he went to hell.”

This is a story about a spy who fell in love with a girl who didn’t love him back. Or did she?

In one final act of devotion, the spy will cross a continent, wrestle his memories, and discover the truth.

(12,199 words)

Out Where the Sun Always Shines combines my European study abroad experiences with my love of languages and a handful of my favorite video game characters to produce an unconventional rainy day romance.

I’d rate it PG for adult themes, off-screen violence and probably a mild swear or two. Check it out on Kindle and your other favorite eReaders today.

“It has the familiar feel of a noir spy genre story, which is great anyway, but with a transcendent ending that will leave you warm and glowy.”  —Emily New




The demo alone made me have so many feels!!!  I was charmed, I was disturbed, I was dismayed…and this was only a demo.  Add in a VERY unique combat system, quirky characters, and you’ll find it puts  99% of mass-produced AAA games to shame!

Algebraic Breakdown: the weirdness of Space Funeral MINUS blood PLUS the playstyle of Off PLUS the charm of your favorite Pixar characters PLUS the heart of a Miyazaki film SQUARED! 

I will tell you nothing else about it or else you will be spoiled.  Definitely read the “readme.htm” file included with the demo!!


#RenewYoungJustice Trending Worldwide



Even two years later, so many people want to see this show come back. There’s no reason why it shouldn’t.

YOUNG JUSTICE  is one of the very best modern superhero cartoon shows of all time (Go Netflix it now if you haven’t.  GO GO GO).  Great animation, wonderful characters (I just love their AquaLad!!), suspenseful writing…A perfect fit in the DC animated canon.  BRING IT BACK NAO!!!!

#RenewYoungJustice Trending Worldwide

“Draw Better Horses” has a Patreon!



Thanks to some feedback I got, I decided to open up a Patreon account and turn my originally-planned two part “Draw Better Horses” tutorial into a whole series (because, let’s face it, there’s a lot of really wonky horse art out there).

How it works:
Patreon is a website that lets patrons— that’s you guys— support content creators they like with recurring pledges. You pay as much as you want (or as little as $1) per content release. It’s a little like NPR, but without all the pledge drives— you pay what you think the content is worth. And while it’s designed to be on a recurring payment basis, there are ways to make one-time contributions as well.

In the case of this Patreon, I plan to release a new tutorial once a month, for twelve months. There are tiered releases— if I reach $50 in pledges, the next tutorial will be like the first one— multiple pages covering several key points of a topic. If $75 is pledged, I add animated panels to better illustrate a particular topic. And so on.

There are rewards for patrons, too!

Best of all, every penny raised by this Patreon goes to help real-life horses. 100% of proceeds go towards people and organizations who rescue, rehab, retrain, and rehome thoroughbred racehorses after their racing days are done.

The twelve tutorials I have planned are:
-Anatomy of the Legs and How They Move
-Muscle groups
-Gaits of the Horse
-The Horse in Motion (other things horses do besides walk,trot,canter)
-The Horse and Rider
-Horse and Rider part 2
-Horses and Armor
-Light Horse Breeds
-Heavy Horse Breeds
-Conformation– not all horses are perfect
-Mules, Asses, Zebras and other Exotic Equids

Pledge your support and draw better horses!

C’mon folks, let’s help her out!  Can’t think of a single artist who doesn’t need help drawing horses (myself SO included!)

“Draw Better Horses” has a Patreon!