20K reached on Fashion Frenchies #1


I’m pleased! It’ll be nice to have a novella to sell! I *think* I’m heading towards the end, though I have no idea how it’s gonna come together. Guess that’s the exciting part!

Ugghghghg then I gotta do the cover ughghghghgh it’s not a ROMANCE romance or even a rom-com but it’s not a cozy mystery but it’s clean and fun like one… A magical comic love story, is what I call it.

20K hit on Nosferatu Novel


I’ve got more to type on it, but I don’t feel like working on it this second.

I bought another Leuchtturm Master Ruled Notebook from Amazon (233 pages). But the seller sent me a Leuchtturm SLIM, which only has 120 pages! I can write 100 page in under a month.

So I just sent them a complaint. I’ve already written in it–but I wouldn’ta bought it if I’d known it was a SLIM.

Pretty annoyed, too, paying a full-size notebook price and only getting half the pages. Grr! (Guess that’s another way they could make it up to me–send me another SLIM for free.)