Patreon rewards?


After reading this article, I’m thinking of starting a Patreon for me writing and art (because I’d do it anyway). But I don’t really want to make things that are subscriber-EXCLUSIVE, because, as Ursula Vernon put perfectly , “owing people things scares me.”

And I don’t have much of a backstage since I post my WIPs and stuff! But if I were to do Patreon rewards, is there anything y’all’d want?

Attack on Hill?


Hey guys remember when someone did that ATTACK ON HILL video, parodying the ATTACK ON TITAN anime opening?  It had no ATTACK ON TITAN images that I can remember, just the music, everything else was KotH.  If it was up on YouTube it’s gone now.  :(

Been researching ATTACK ON TITAN (*definitely* too gorey for me to ever watch, but the mystery aspect I dig, of course) and remembered ATTACK ON HILL and wanted to watch it again.