Armello Novella: The Heroes of Houndsmouth, Chapter 1



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The author

* * *


Night had fallen over the kingdom of Armello.

In the great white castle in the center of the kingdom, the king was still awake, brooding and muttering. The lion had not been sleeping lately.

In rat clan’s shantytowns, couples were dressing up in their finery, hoping to sneak their way into the parties held in the mansions of the upper crust.

In the grand warren of the rabbit clan, the rabbits slept beneath their caverns of earth, stone, and gold.

In the northern mountains, wolf clan cubs pestered their packmates to spar with them on the snowy ground.

In the forests, bear clan sages slept in their caves and dugouts, trusting the Wyld to keep them safe while they dozed.

But scattered between these grand places of the kingdom are towns, villages, and hamlets, all homes for the creatures making their way through life in Armello.

In the town of Stag’s Landing, pine marten cheesesmiths had finished flipping their last cheese wheels for the night and were starting home. In the hamlet of Greenguard, the badger leatherworker and his apprentice had finished setting up their work benches for the next day’s orders.

And in the the settlement of Southbank, almost everyone had locked themselves in their homes.

Art WIP: Heroes of Houndsmouth


Worked on this during General Conference (#ldsconf) today. Time to break for the weekend so I can see the errors (Pro Tip: They’re probably all on that wonky shield uuugh.)

First: the basics.


Blocking her dress and a fiery night sky…


Love how Krita lets me paint in color AND see my values in real time!


Ditched the dress and did some neon green fire from the “Aflame” card.


Still dunno where to put the text! HA HA!





(click to embiggen)

My husband is responsible for at least 45% of this. I threw out the idea, and he just kept amping it up with comments like “A Bartlett pear with a rubber band around the middle” until I was screaming with laughter and had no choice but to draw it.

The tiki torch and acid green Crocs were his idea, too. I did owl-ize the torch, though.

Below are some variations I sketched before the final.

No, of course I did not draw them during church.


Steel City, Veiled Kingdom cover sketch (by artist Katie Payne)

Art, Indie Publishing Friends, Writing

Really excited about this! Collaborating with an author to make a book cover for her life’s work novel that she’s going to self publish. She’s got a great vision! #art #painting #drawing #sketch #illustration

Approved this SCVK book cover sketch last Thursday! So psyched, Katie’s gonna knock this outta the park! XD EEE THIS IS GONNA BE *TOTALLY* *WICKED*!!!

New Talking Animal Christmas Short Story out!

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Can one cat save a widow’s Christmas?

Myra the cat doesn’t care what time of year it is—as long as there’s wet food in her bowl, she’s happy. But her widowed mistress is struggling to get through her first Christmas alone. Good thing Myra’s got a plan—but for it to work, she’ll need to ask her arch-enemy for help!

Can Myra overcome her selfishness and bring her owner a Christmas that’s merry and bright?

The Purrfect Christmas is a family-friendly short story full of humor, heart, and a lot of fur! Read one of the twelve chapters each night before Christmas (and the epilogue on Boxing Day) for a fun new family tradition!
5,900 words.

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