Baby Bites on SCVK


I’ve been struggling with doing some major edits to SCVK. They really need to be made, though, so yesterday, despite a low-motivation fog-brain sort of day, I managed to work over an hour on the Tough Stuff.

Today I spent almost two hours on Frankensteining pieces together, and (just as predicted), I like what I’ve stitched together much better than what I used to have. I’ve got piano in the morning, but after my lessons, I think I’ll try to finish up this section while I have the momentum.

And after that…there’s still more to be done! ALWAYS MORE. But I’ve posted some affirmations and I’m picturing this thing FINISHED–a small doorstop with a beautiful cover I can hold in my hand and flip through, something people are actually buying and READING!–and it’s helping a lot.

One of my most important affirmations is this: My dreams come from God, and God has the power to accomplish them.

So often I feel like my writing–which is SO FUN–isn’t Important or Spiritual enough. But this affirmation reminds me that it’s OK to chase my dreams because they were put in me for a reason.

It also assures me of something I told myself long ago: this is NOT my book, it’s Heavenly Father’s book. (It has to be because nobody in his right mind would make his debut novel the same length as Gone with the Wind.) So as long as I sit my butt down and do the work, He’ll make sure it turns out all right.

In the meantime, I must continue editing!

what being an editor is like we-are-done-breaking-bad editing edit.gif

What being an editor is like.

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