The Creative Impulse Can Be A Jerk Sometimes


I’ve been struggling with my Fashion Frenchies story; I know it’s supposed to be a comedic love story, but I’m lost in Butcher’s Great Swampy Middle(TM) and don’t quite know how to pull myself out. Doesn’t help that I’m writing out of my genre (comedy? love? wut?).

So for the past few days, I’ve been thinking around the story. It’s a nebulous, gentle sort of thinking that will allow me to  stumble upon an idea that will propel the story forward and set my wordcount on fire.

So what shows up today when I’m writing in between piano lessons?


I wound up writing 800 words in 47 minutes. The words were flying out!!

Dear Creative Impulse: Can I please get that kind of speed with either (A) the vampire prequel novel or (B) this Fashion Frenchies short story that was supposed to be done before Valentine’s?!??

PS – I don’t want to write a direct sequel to SCVK–it’s gonna end up like Tales from Watership Down, I know it, and I DON’T WANT THAT TO HAPPEN. *grumbles* but if that’s what shows up…

(At least the scene is a riot.)

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