3 things I discovered in 2016


In 2016, I discovered many a new and good thing, including (but not limited to):


Half-sleeve shirts. What did I ever do without them? (Answer: I either looked less-than-professional in plain ol’ T-shirts, or I kepr rolling my sleeves up.) Loved layering my black half-sleeve shirt with bright necklaces and loud cardigans/dusters.


Krita. Photoshop CS2 began some strange voodoo in 2016–like making all the art tools disappear, whoops? So I sought out a replacement digital art program. Krita is free, it is awesome, and now that I understand it better, I love it.


(Courtesy Wikipedia)

My cat’s personality type. Pixel J. Cat esq., an orange tabby, lived with my husband some 8 years before I married into the family. Though Pixel and I have always gotten along well, I find him puzzling at times. For instance, why does he ignore my corkboard of jewelery (which is currently on the floor, leaned against a wall), when other cats would go nuts destroying all the shiny things?

Then I discovered his personality type through the blog The Way of Cats. Pixel’s a “gamma” type cat. Here’s the Gamma explained:

These are cats who don’t know the environment can be changed.

Training them consists of anticipating their needs and letting them know how much we care. These cats hate to be a bother.

The Gamma’s retiring nature will bloom under dedicated fussing, and they must never be neglected.

Pammy’s blog has helped me level up in my cat mom skills, and for that I’ll forever be grateful!

Tune in next time when I announce my two goals for 2017!


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