Logo for a Dread game I never got to write.  It was going to be a zany comedy combining Survivor with classic horror monsters, including a dancing Sasquatch Swayze determined on proving he isn’t just a YouTube flash-in-the-pan, a successful Igor who is terrified of women, and an exasparated Frankenstein who just wants plastic surgery.  Also I was going to expy Bebe the agent from Frasier as the ringmaster. 

You know.  Dreams.


Click on the colored one for actual (smaller!) size!

Oldies from 2013; fixing the “dominatrix” armor from the Repair-Her-Armor tumblr contest.  Kinda hard to carry the domme vibe without flashing SEX SEX SEX
everywhere…Wikipedia said a lot of modern day, er, practitioners are
inspired by powerful lady historical figures, so I combined that idea
with motorcycle armor and musketeers, apparently, and came up with this.
v Practical for fighting, but customizable for, er, other situations!

  Original base courtesy Repair-Her-Armor