A Tutorial Masterpost




Some tutorials that I’ve come across, organized both for my own viewing pleasure and to hopefully assist others as well. I update this list whenever I come across new, helpful pieces.

A lot of these are hosted on my personal Tumblr, but I don’t change my url so it’s pretty safe to bookmark them there (and not have to worry about the url changing) if you don’t wish to reblog them yourself for whatever reason.

Feline tutorials:

Canine tutorials:

Avian tutorials:

Human(oid) tutorials:

Facial features:

Neck, shoulders, arms, back, and torso:

Legs, hips, and feet:


Full body and poses:

Hair and skin:


Dragon tutorials (and bat wings):

Equine tutorials:

Cervine tutorials:

Ursine tutorials:

Miscellaneous animal tutorials:

Background and objects tutorials:

Clothing tutorials:

General painting, drawing, and style tips:

Hand and wrist health:

Hope these help!

Dunno how many of these are decent, but reblogging anyway just in case some are

YOUNG ARTISTS (or any artist that undersells themselves):



Your prices are not entitled to be affordable to everyone, your prices are what people need to cough up to afford you. Somewhere along the way the prices for mass-produced posters became conflated for original fully-rendered art by request, and they’re not the same thing. One reflects the cost of printing pre-existing art on paper, the other reflects the cost of skill and labor.

Don’t compete with print prices when you’re a single person cranking out art. You’re a human being, not a printer. Don’t price yourself like you’re a machine and don’t let people treat you like you’re a ctrl+p shortcut.


When we were done, Ternerr pulled out his screen computer, claws poised to type.
“So.  Your suggestions?”
“I…think we’re good,” I said.  “The canoes on the rooftops are a nice touch.”  The warriors could easily maneuver to safety if the water level rose too high.
“Anything else?”
“No, not really.”
His eyes narrowed like a cat’s and he looked over his glasses at me, stern as a librarian.  “You’re going to leave me to face the Warfather with that?”
I squirmed.