So I see LOADS of 30 day art challenges posted everywhere and the majority of them, to me, are cool and fun, but you don’t really learn anything. 

I wanted to share some of the art fundamentals I’ve learned from being fortunate enough to go to an art school, and make challenges that are designed to TEACH fundamental art skills that you’ll keep forever, rather than just doing something cool and fun for 30 days. 

These are 

– warming up and using your sketch book

– learning to study 

-challenging your design/concepting/creative skills

-learning how to paint/draw different materials

-understanding and getting used to using colour. 

I’m gonna be doing all 5 of these in the next 30 days, and I’ll be done on Halloween! If you wanna follow my progress on these, or do them with me, please follow, I’ll follow back and we can do this thing together ! 

Here’s to self improvement

Yeah, I probably need to do some of these. XD


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