“Draw Better Horses” has a Patreon!



Thanks to some feedback I got, I decided to open up a Patreon account and turn my originally-planned two part “Draw Better Horses” tutorial into a whole series (because, let’s face it, there’s a lot of really wonky horse art out there).

How it works:
Patreon is a website that lets patrons— that’s you guys— support content creators they like with recurring pledges. You pay as much as you want (or as little as $1) per content release. It’s a little like NPR, but without all the pledge drives— you pay what you think the content is worth. And while it’s designed to be on a recurring payment basis, there are ways to make one-time contributions as well.

In the case of this Patreon, I plan to release a new tutorial once a month, for twelve months. There are tiered releases— if I reach $50 in pledges, the next tutorial will be like the first one— multiple pages covering several key points of a topic. If $75 is pledged, I add animated panels to better illustrate a particular topic. And so on.

There are rewards for patrons, too!

Best of all, every penny raised by this Patreon goes to help real-life horses. 100% of proceeds go towards people and organizations who rescue, rehab, retrain, and rehome thoroughbred racehorses after their racing days are done.

The twelve tutorials I have planned are:
-Anatomy of the Legs and How They Move
-Muscle groups
-Gaits of the Horse
-The Horse in Motion (other things horses do besides walk,trot,canter)
-The Horse and Rider
-Horse and Rider part 2
-Horses and Armor
-Light Horse Breeds
-Heavy Horse Breeds
-Conformation– not all horses are perfect
-Mules, Asses, Zebras and other Exotic Equids

Pledge your support and draw better horses!

C’mon folks, let’s help her out!  Can’t think of a single artist who doesn’t need help drawing horses (myself SO included!)

“Draw Better Horses” has a Patreon!

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