Three-Part HOBBIT

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I was looking forward to seeing THE HOBBIT*…until I found out it was being broken up into three parts!

Inline-Bild 2

Dear Peter Jackson,

Even though your names contain the same amount of syllables, you are not Richard Wagner.  Thus, you do not have the genius needed to justify drawing this children’s book out into a 10-hour epic.  Just don’t.



PS, just a reminder?  Rankin-Bass already did THE HOBBIT in 77 minutes back in the 70’s.

*Mostly because of Smaug.  There are not nearly enough good talking dragons in movies.

One thought on “Three-Part HOBBIT

  1. o_o The entire Hobbit cartoon is the best thing ever…. …and it’s more than just Smaug. Man, that Bard of Lake Town…

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