The Wall – Part 2


In our last episode, I had written a farewell to the ending SCVK would never have.  Afterwards it seemed natural for me to start wondering, on paper, how it would all end.  Wondering on paper led to my making tiny notes.  Conceits began falling into place: my character’s main conflict was X, and it looked like choices W, Y, and Z would have to happen to resolve it to my satisfaction.

For fun, I began thinking a little more about the story’s structure.  I’d already given the first few major sections names.  Now that the Lanakila Camp milestone had passed, I knew I was moving into a new section, and that the section after that would have to be the end.  I made a little list in my notebook:

  1. Emergence
  2. Line
  3. Going Underground
  4. Buried
  5. ???
  6. Rest

5 being the part I was actively working on.  Seeing the sections laid out like this, I decided, when the time comes for editing, that I should see if parts 1 and 2 could be combined.  I’ve always hated the name “Line” for segment 2  (I mean…What??) and FILM CRIT HULK convinced me that 5 might be the magic number for story structure segments.

* * *

When I’m not writing, I have a tendency to think nebulously about scenes that are “down the road” apiece. Now that I didn’t have the old ending hanging around my neck, I found new scene ideas floating into my head.  There was no rhyme or reason to their order, but the images were clear and they seemed to be growing out of scenes I had written or was currently writing.  For me, this is a good sign to me that they’d probably show up to be written later on.

When I was writing, I found that the scenes I was currently feeling my way through contained the seeds for future mischief.  For example, The newest member of the cast–one I’d envisioned many years (like the deleted family) but who hadn’t yet shown up in-scene–came onstage.  At first, I’m like, “WHO IS THIS GUY?”  I was so used to envisioning him at the peak of his career, I didn’t know where he had come from!  Now I was meeting him at the beginning.  I scribbled away, hoping his background and idiosyncrasies would become evident.  Instead of showing me his history, though, he began displaying some concerning symptoms.

Little did I know this character and his problem would show me the path to SCVK’s new ending.

“May the bridges I burn light the way.” –Dylan McKay

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