Your Worst Draft Ever

Muse at 11, Writing

In our last episode, I advised that you “write whatever shows up” in your first draft, including seemingly unrelated tangents.

But sometimes…you know…writing whatever shows up just…feels…awkward.  And it certainly doesn’t look nice and publishable when you’re done!

Here’s a trick you can use to conquer perfectionism paralysis.  It was given to me by Professor McFarland, a German teacher of mine.  He said, and I quote:

“Write the worst paper ever.”

This was an actual in-class assignment from him, and it helped me out all throughout college and beyond.  Anytime the blank page looks to intimidating, I just give myself the goal of writing the worst piece of writing ever.  And suddenly, I can get started!

A man would do nothing if he waited until he could do it so well that no one could find fault.  ~John Henry Newman

2 thoughts on “Your Worst Draft Ever

  1. It’s interesting to see you quote Cardinal Newman. It’s the sort of thing I need to pay attention to…


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