Say Yes

Muse at 11, Writing

You’ve probably seen Whose Line is it Anyway?, a show where the points don’t matter and comedians come up with funny sketches on the spot, and the audience loves it.

Improv’s an interesting theatrical practice where you say “yes” to everything, because, well, saying “yes” makes things happen.

I discovered (through my friend Meike) that there’s actually a lot of theory running around behind improv.  One of the sayings I found, and actually have included my novel’s Word file so I see it pretty often, is the following:

Improv is allowing, not forcing.

When you allow your novel to do its own thing, yeah, a couple times you might run into a dead end, but I’ve found that the more I trust the material to do what it wants, the more fascinating things it does without me having to think about it.

Don’t feel held back by what Orson Scott Card some writing manual says you should do.  Let things happen in your work–the results may delight you!

“Discoveries are often made by not following instructions, by going off the main road, by trying the untried.”

–Frank Tyger

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