More Stupid Word Tricks

I’m always marking up text in red in Microsoft Word (to let me know I wanna change it later).  This following link gives an easy way to assign a keyboard shortcut so you can instantly turn text whatever color you want!

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Stupid Microsoft Word Tricks

After you’re done editing a document in Word, save it and close it.

When you reopen it, hit SHIFT+F5.  Congrats–you are now back to the last place the cursor was editing.

Wish I coulda known this last year when I was in the middle of making SCVK…Would’ve saved me a lot of PageDowns!  On the other hand, it did teach me to use the document map.  Hmm…

* * *

I’m long overdue for an update but I wanted to at least share that tip.

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Novel: 99.9% done.

SCVK’s climactic boss fight has been written.

All that is left is the denouement and the ending scene, probably 8-10 pages, and then…it’s done.

In the meantime, I have to function normally.

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Writing Notebook Review: Miro’s Large Journal is Rather Cramped

After I filled up my last novel notebook I rummaged through Amazon for another one and found the Miro line of lined journals.  Unfortunately, Miro’s groovetastic styling doesn’t make up for the cramped writing space inside.  Still, it may work for you!  Read my full review of the Miro Large Lined Journal on

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Two Tips for Writers

First, the general tip:  If your next scene isn’t starting off right, it might mean your last scene isn’t finished yet.  Take the scene a little further: it might launch you right into your next scene.

Second: When you’re trying to find out different members of royalty are addressed, you’ll have better look looking up “royal stylings” or “royal styles” than “royal forms of address.”  Took me months to discover this!  It also helps if there’s a monarch alive with the title you’re writing for (in my case, I had to go to Denmark.)

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Warning to Print-Heavy Writers

I just blew through a brand new black inkjet cartridge in, oh, a half-an-hour, printing the pages of my novel I hadn’t yet printed out (because…er…I was out of ink).  Only 81 pages to go!

The cartridge was only $15 and printed out about 160 odd pages, so I guess it was worth it, but if I had a Delorean, I’d get up to 88 and then buy me a Brother brand laser printer.  I hear that toner lasts for many more pages than an ink cartridge does.

For novel writing, I usually only use black (for text) and red (for things I’m not sure about, or notes to myself), so I could probably make do with greyscale printing only.

So I went from being inkless (many months) to having ink (3 days) and now I’m back to being inkless!

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Just bought my latest blank notebook to write SCVK in.
It is amazing.
So amazing, I wrote an Amazon review about it. Click the big red book to read it. Let’s get Amazon to stock these properly!

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